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Homesickness Prevention

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“The new Prep4Camp content made me cry. The new video, ‘Way Worse than a Rainy Day,’ puts this pandemic in perspective and validates everyone’s feelings. It will be so helpful! I am sick to my stomach, knowing how upset we are about to make so many people by having to cancel. I fully believe we are doing what is best for our campers and staff, but that doesn't offer much comfort right now. I'm grateful my letter to families can include a Prep4Camp coupon. Your support will make a huge difference!"

Diane Foster

Fleur de Lis Camp | President, BOD

Prep4 Supports Campers Online & On-Site

Bonus Content for 2020

(updated frequently)


For campers spending time away from home this summer, watch "Summer Camp Success" to cut homesickness intensity in half!

Coping with
Grief and Loss

For campers whose beloved summer camp was truncated or cancelled, watch "Way Worse than a Rainy Day" for support.

Online Safety
and Joy

For kids who will enjoy some camp activities online, watch "Summertime Online" to learn strategies for safety and fun!

Fresh Ideas
for Parents

For caregivers and youth leaders, the "Coffee with Chris" series of podcasts, webinars, and vlogs is full of inspiration and joy.

"Prep4Camp's new content gave our family confidence that Marco would make new friends, try new activities, and be safe and happy participating in online camp."

"Prep4School taught my little brother (who starts Junior Boarding School next year) everything he needed to know about being a successful student. Now he's confident, not nervous."

"Academic performance and emotional functioning have improved since we started giving Prep4School to all of our new students and their families."

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