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克里斯托弗·瑟伯博士教育领导者如何使用创新的内容来激发思维和推动行动。作为哈佛大学毕业生,董事会认证的心理学家和菲利普斯埃克塞特学院的教员,克里斯博士在五大洲提供了主题演讲,文章和研讨会。 Chris博士和他的妻子Simonida是2002年出生的Danilo和2004年出生的Sava的自豪父母。您可以在DrChrisThurber.com上了解更多有关Chris博士的信息,并获取他所有的精彩内容,包括专家在线培训。 

Dr. Christopher Thurber is a board-certified clinical psychologist who enjoys creating innovative content that stimulate thinking and compels action. A graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Thurber has served on the faculty of Phillips Exeter Academy since 1999. He has been invited to contribute keynotes, articles, and workshops on five continents. Dr. Thurber and his wife, Simonida, are the proud parents of Danilo (b. 2002) and Sava (b. 2004). You can learn more on his website,, which contains more great content for professional educators and youth leaders.


李思慧博士借鉴了她的跨文化传统,以提高学生的心理健康,激励专业教育工作者。从俄亥俄州立大学毕业后,她在麦克莱恩医院 - 哈佛医学院完成了临床实习和博士后研究。 李博士和她的丈夫Kris是2016年出生的Alexander和2019年出生的Emma的自豪父母。您可以通过发送电子邮件至drshlee@gmail.com了解更多关于李博士的信息。

Dr. Szu-Hui Lee is a board-certified clinical psychologist who draws on her cross-cultural experience and agility to improve students' mental health and motivate professional educators. After graduating from Ohio State University, she completed a clinical internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the McLean Hospital--Harvard Medical School. Dr. Lee and her husband, Kris, are the proud parents of Alexander (b. 2016) and Emma (b. 2019). You can learn more by writing to drshlee@gmail.

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