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Want to activate membership for all your new students or campers?  You have two options:

  1. Pay nothing for a book of 25%-off coupons that you then provide to all of your new and international families. Each family will be able to purchase a Prep4School subscription at a 25% discount. Families will pay just $375 for a one-year subscription, instead of the $499 retail price. (Minimum request: 25 coupons)
  2. Pre-Pay for a book of 100%-off coupons that you then gift to all of your new and international families. Each family will be able to apply their coupon code for a complimentary one-year subscription. As a school, you pay just $250 per family for memberships 1-25, instead of the $499 retail price. Then, for memberships 26-250, the price is just $125 per family. It's a triple win:  Happy kids.  Happy parents.  Happy faculty and staff.

To inquire about either type of coupon book (for Prep4School, Prep4Camp, or both), please email:


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